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Catalina Flying Boat Visits Firth 22/08/2013
There was a rare opportunity to view an aerial display by a Catalina flying boat, when the Cromarty Firth was visited on Thursday 22nd August by the Catalina G-PBYA.
During World War 2 the Cromarty Firth was home to an amphibian training centre and the region is proud of this heritage.
Timings were subject to weather conditions but the craft arrived, orbited Invergordon and thereafter  performed the only air display of it's journey, close to Cromarty and near the Sutors.
The flight falls in the 40th anniversary of the Cromarty Firth Port Authority, who have sponsored the Invergordon section of the Flying boats journey.
The Catalina visited the Firth as part of a 100 year commemorative flight. The craft set out from RAF Duxford. After the Cromarty Firth it  headed to Oban.
Bob Buskie, Chief Executive of the Cromarty Firth Port Authority said "We are delighted that we can offer sponsorship and support to this event in our 40th anniversary year and hope that we all get to enjoy this special sight."
View the flight of the Catalina from the shoreline of Invergordon, Cromarty and the Sutors on Thursday 22nd from 1pm approximately. It is advised to be in position before 1pm to guarantee not to miss the flight.
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