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Port Pledges £650,000 to Create New Parking for Invergordon 23/01/2014
In a bid to understand the root cause of the parking issues, Port bosses undertook a survey of the companies that utilise the Invergordon Service Base, examining what the shift patterns and transportation habits are for the hundreds of port workers using the facilities. 

The results of this survey were presented at an open evening late last year, where it emerged that a number of factors had contributed to create a parking headache for residents neighbouring the Port. These being a combination of poor public transport services, a lack of residents-only enforceable parking zones, lack of double yellow lines and a lack of acknowledgement by certain Service Base users of their role to play in policing and managing their employees, for example through park and ride schemes.

Chief Executive of Cromarty Firth Port Authority, Bob Buskie, said “Whilst the port workers are not employed by the CFPA, the Port promised it would play its part in trying to solve the parking puzzle.  This announcement demonstrates we meant what we said. This £650,000 will be a major investment by the port and all hinges on a planning application process being successful.  It is based on the cost of the purchase of new land, as well as the investment cost to make other land in our ownership available for parking and acceptable from a health and safety perspective.  This includes lighting, tarmac and the painting of parking bays.”

Bob adds “We very much hope that the planning process will be concluded positively in the next few weeks.  It is also crucial that longer term solutions are sought for the lack of public transport and enforced park & ride schemes for port workers.   This will also only work if the Highland Council has the resources to implement double yellow lines and residents-only parking and the Police have the resources to enforce it for the longer term.”

A further open evening will be held once the planning process has concluded and results are known.
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