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Preparing for the Future 19/04/2012

The Cromarty Firth Port Authority was established by Act of Parliament in 1973. At this time the Navy was leaving the Firth after being in control for nearly a century. The legacy left by the Navy includes the West Harbour at Invergordon and in the next 2 decades CFPA invested in Port facilities, successfully turning a declining Navy base into a thriving facility.
Today there are between 600 and 1,000 skilled jobs supported by the Invergordon Service Base and £120m in goods and services generated into the Highland economy. This is one of the key success areas into the Highlands, but to continue this success story into the next decade and beyond, the Service Base needs to develop further.

In the last 5 years CFPA has invested over £4.2m in improving the Service Base and has plans to invest a further £22m in 3 years, in 3 phases. Phase 1 was completed in 2010 and involved £1m investment in paving 3 acres of land. This now directly supports 50 new jobs.
Plans for phase 2 are due to commence Summer 2012 and involve investing £1.25m, including block paving another 3 acres of Port land, originally reclaimed by CFPA. Both the Highland Council and the Port Landlord, the Crown Estates, have recognised that this land forms part of the port and CFPA have a legal right to reactivate for port use. This will allow a further 50 jobs to be created and allow our customers to develop business in Invergordon.

In 2013/14 phase 3 of the development plans will see £20m invested and a further 7 acres of land reclaimed from the sea and the construction of a new berth, ensuring that Invergordon can become a support facility to the Moray Firth based Beatrice and Moray wind farms. These wind farms will be built from 2015 onwards, helping to secure vital opportunities for the local supply chain. This will generate a further 150 - 200 new jobs and bring benefits to Invergordon and the wider region for the future.
CFPA is committed to the economic regeneration of the Cromarty Firth and to providing first class port facilities at Invergordon, with increased employment opportunities. As a Trust Port, there are no share holders and we must by statute invest trading profits back in to Port improvements.
This is an exciting time of opportunity for Invergordon. CFPA have been in contact with the local MP, MSP, Highland Councillors and the Invergordon Community Council, keeping them informed. The Port is keen to keep the local community updated and the hope is there will be support for the benefits that will arise.
Click here to download more information about the Port Development Plans.

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